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It’s easy to be in a sports Hall of Fame for what you achieve on the field. Winning championships and making all star teams is a cake walk compared to what you have to do to make a significant Bro contribution to the world of sports. The Bro Force Squad proudly honors those who have changed the world of sports and put themselves ahead of team any day of the week.


Minnesota Vikings Party Boat– We all heard of a bedroom on wheels but a bedroom on water?  This was back in the early 2000s when team unity meant double teaming the same chick instead of locking arms during the anthem! I guess Cris Cater’s advice on having a “fall guy” doesn’t work when it’s an Express Sports Cruiser. Remember on God’s green earth we have rules but on Poseidon’s Ocean free love and threesome’s live on!

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Johnny Manziel– Johnny has recently said he wants to go into coaching, which is great since he has been coaching every dude on how to be a bro since his Freshman Heisman season! He came he drank, snorted, banged and fucked shit up and we salute you!
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Jenn Sterger’s Old Cell Phone – Any phone that has dick pics of probably the greatest gun slinger Quarterback in the NFL deserves to be in the BFS Hall of Fame.  Also, yes it does help that Jenn is insanely hot! Check out this interview where she shed some tears and said she’s not a victim while acting like one.

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Wilt Chamberlain  – over his illustrious career Wilt “The Stilt” averaged 30.1 PPG, 22.0 RPG and 1.4 Women a day.  In Wilt’s autobiography he stated having sex with over 20,000 women in his life so say he started at age 15 and ended at age 55 that would be 40 years in the sex game.  That would be 500 women a year or 1.4 women per day #EasyMath.