Action Movie Bingo!

By: Jeff Hornassek

April 9, 2020

My god it’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these. I would say I’m sorry, but you don’t give a shit you just came here for the greatest movie drinking game of all time and not an apology tour.

What is Action Movie Bingo you ask? It’s a game involving many of our favorite cliche’s from action/adventure movies and a great way to get hammered with your friends. The rules are very simple, you each make a bingo board with each of the respective spaces holding an action movie trope, and when that thing happens in the movie you’re watching, you mark that space and take the required amount of drinks.

First things first, we need to make our bingo boards. Here is a website that we use to digitally create them. You can do this for free, and just save the image to use for the game. The way we typically play is we enter all of the movie cliche’s in the box on the left hand side, and randomize the board so we all have a different layout. You can definitely each make a board with your own movie tropes. The whole point is everyone has a board of the same size. Since it’s not 1993 and you probably don’t have access to a printer, we draw a grid on a piece of paper in front of us mirroring the layout of the bingo board we’ve created, and mark off the spaces as they occur in the film to keep track.

What are the drinking rules? Great question. Obviously with all of this you make up whatever rules you want depending how long you have to pregame before you go out, but here is typically how we play:


1 space in a row = drink

2 spaces in a row = two drinks

3 spaces in a row = drink for five seconds

BINGO = chug your beer…and you win! 

You’ll notice that unlike some drinking games, you drink beer in this game for winning the game. That’s because that’s the point. Winner gets beer.

Just to get you started, here are a bunch of action movie cliches that our friends on Twitter helped us out with.

  • Good guy talks to bad guy on the phone
  • someone makes a joke after killing someone
  • guy in passenger seat of car chase is freaking out
  • good guys wife/gf/daughter is kidnapped or used against them
  • good guys friend/partner betrays them
  • good guy unretires/returns to life he swore off
  • any type of countdown or timer that the hero has to stop
  • henchmen can’t shoot for shit
  • evil villain has a super hot chick working for him that prob wants to bang the hero
  • action set piece takes place in an abandoned warehouse
  • bad guy has some hacker nerd working for him
  • villain mames/kills one of the guys working for him who failed at his job
  • villain smoking just cuz it’s fucking cool
  • bad guy tells the hero some version of “we’re not so different you and I”
  • car chase and they barely fit through a gap or “we’re not gonna make it!”
  • villain has a ponytail (90’s movies) or a scar or some deformity
  • good guy escapes from being tied up, or in some seemingly inescapable situation
  • villain explains his plan to the hero for some reason
  • any iteration of “innocent people will die!” is said
  • any form of “let’s finish this” or “one last time”
  • someone presumed dead comes back
  • the title of the movie is said
  • someone shoots a ridiculous amount of bullets from a small gun
  • just when someone could shoot someone between the eyes, the clips empty
  • a chick does that black widow move where they jump on a guy and get him in a leg lock
  • scene where the nerd shows the hero all the gadgets they can use and explain them
  • the villain sets up some drop with the good guy. Bonus drink if someone says “no cops!”

EDIT: Two additions that one of our good friends on Twitter just sent over to us

  • Hero is introduced with a shot of a car door opening and he steps out, camera pans up to reveal the hero. Bonus point if they have a toothpick in their mouth. 
  • The classic “gearing up” montage.

We played a version of this on our John Wick movie commentary which we will be releasing soon. Let us know if you play this at home and any suggestions you have. Thanks everybody!


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