Streamageddon – Sorting The Trash From The Treasure

By: Jeff Hornassek

December 13, 2018

If you’ve been living under a rock the past two years, you might not be aware that Netflix has become one of the leaders not only as a streaming service, but in developing original content. Also if you’ve been living under a rock, like…what do you do for fun?

HBO established a reputation going back all the way to “Band of Brothers” for creating very strong original series. With Netflix emergence as the top streaming service after their DVD mail model began to fade, they’ve had to adapt their strategy to stay top dog. Lately it appears that it has become the “quantity over quality” approach, with a mixed bag of results.

While I’m personally a huge fan of the Marvel Netflix series (with the occasional hiccup…looking at you Iron Fist you piece of shit), for the most part Netflix has crushed it with their original series. It’s their original films that I’ve noticed are usually in the vein of “hurry up and make this damn thing so we can fill our content quota. Most of these are either really shitty rom-com type films with one or two recognizable stars, or an attempt at a thriller/slasher/horror film with a premise that will hook you and leave you asking “what the hell was that?”. The promise of Robert De-Niro’s “The Irishman” and the new star studded heist movie “Triple Frontier” have me salivating so there’s hope on the horizon. If you haven’t seen “The Christmas Chronicles” I also recommend that one as a nice surprise this holiday season, and we got drunk and did a movie commentary on it.

As always let us know your thoughts below. Am I being crazy and a hater or what?


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