I like “A Walk To Remember”…you wanna fight about it?

By: Jeff Hornassek

April 9, 2018

Yea you heard me. I enjoy the Mandy Moore, Shane West classic “A Walk To Remember” and if that means forfeiting my man card then take it (throws card at your chest). There are a lot of guys out there afraid to admit that they like a movie of this kind for fear of backlash, but since I already know that I’m a huge pussy we’re playing with house money here.

Why is this movie awesome you ask? Pop open a beer and park it as I paint you a word picture, and in classic Squad Blog fashion I’ll break it down into bullet points:

  1. Landon Carter – by reading his name out loud alone he just stole your girlfriend and impregnated her. The name Landon Carter is by far the most badass, and 90’s pop love movie name you could ever imagine, and Shane West was born to play this character. As if he couldn’t get any more cool, he also wears his necklaces on the outside of his t shirts. My God!
  2. Shy girl who doesn’t know she’s hot –  somehow we’re supposed to believe that Mandy Moore is both unattractive, and not popular at this high school in North Carolina….and I’m buying it. The only thing hotter than a hot girl, is a hot girl who doesn’t know she’s a hot girl. With that rotation of six cashmere button up sweaters, Jamie Sullivan was basically crafted from my own dreams.
  3. Lunch room fight scene – if you went to a public high school then you know that any actual beef (pun intended because I’m not funny and I know it) worth it’s weight came to a head in the lunch room. SPOILERS when Landon finally goes full drama student in an effort to woo Jamie, there is a standoff in the lunchroom between he and his former clique leader who’s name I’m not going to look up, but it’s probably something like Tevin Storm. In front of the whole school is the best place to make a statement, and this scene lived up to the hype.
  4. Strict Preacher who won’t let his daughter date until she’s 84 years old – we all love a good challenge. Tell Landon Carter that he can’t bang the preachers daughter and he will have her topless in his Camaro by third period. Challenge accepted. The dynamic between Landon and Jamie’s dad is both realistic, and helps drive the plot to the places it needs to go.

I’m interested who all out there feels the same way not only about “A Walk To Remember”, but other similar themed movies. As a podcast I’ve been dying to do reviews and commentaries on more of these because they’re incredible both in tongue and cheek ways, but honestly sometimes just as good movies. This film is the latter for me. Let us know what you think.


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