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OCTOBER 28, 2020

Episode 131 – The official rankings of the Disney Channel Original movies

OCTOBER 23, 2020

‘Saw IV’ Movie Commentary

OCTOBER 19, 2020

Episode 130 – In defense of villains: Scar from The Lion King

OCTOBER 16, 2020

Episode 129 – Trick or Treat: Horror Movies

OCTOBER 8, 2020

‘Halloween H20: 20 Years Later’ Movie Commentary

SEPTEMBER 26, 2020

‘Sleepy Hollow’ Movie Commentary

SEPTEMBER 24, 2020

Episode 128 – Movie month Bro-Off: December 2009 vs. April 2019

SEPTEMBER 16, 2020

Episode 127 – Rebooting already successful franchises because we can

SEPTEMBER 12, 2020

‘The Replacements’ Movie Commentary

Welcome to the home of the Bro Force Squad Podcast; Bros who talk like you, because they are like you. Let’s crack a few beers and talk movies.

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Meet the Bros

A group of Bros assemble to drink beer and talk about how badass movies are. Everything from Superhero movies, to the classics we knew as kids are topics of discussion. Let’s meet the starting lineup in order of how much they can bench press:

Bryan Banner “The Mad Scientist” – Growing up watching X-Men and playing with Ninja Turtles, Banner’s future was shaped by comics. He always wanted to “figure out how it works”, and was inspired by people like Tony Stark, Donatello, and Hank McCoy AKA Beast. The problem was when he took something apart he could never put it back together, which is why he no longer owns a microwave. Drinking beer and talking about who the next big hero is, is one of his favorite past times.

Matt Geiger “The Enforcer” – The best person on the show in his opinion, Matt is the biggest DC Comics fan on the pod.  Even though he will bash Warner Brothers for all their questionable calls over the years he can never leave the side of DC.  Just like an Alfred to Batman he is there no matter what… except in the Dark Knight Rises where Alfred leaves… Don’t count that one.

Jeff Hornassek “The Mayor” -Real men own up to their mistakes and learn from them. This has nothing to do with the behavior of Jeff Hornassek. A Marvel fanboy through and through, he also can’t resist the urge to compliment DC Comics frequently; like a substitute teacher who constantly falls for the “our normal teacher lets us throw ninja stars at each other” argument. While technically 1/3 of the Bro Force Squad Podcast, Jeff is closer to 1/12 if you factor in his competence level and tendency to “accidentally” delete episodes where he feels he doesn’t get adequate talk time.

Nate Thurmond “The American Hero” – As of writing this, Nate still hasn’t determined what he wants in his bio, but you should still click on the hyperlink on his name.

Rony Seikaly (legal counsel) – He’s a lawyer.


You want to holler at the Bros? Whether you love us or hate us, we appreciate the feedback. We will get back at you as soon as we finish our current set of bench press.